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Chipmunk. Possum. Raccoon. Skunk. Squirrels … and more.

Wildlife like raccoon, skunk, and squirrels can be much more than a nuisance – they can become a threat to your property and potentially your health. Wildlife control from Grizz provides peace of mind in helping protect your home now and in the future.

Every Season

No matter the season, it’s important to keep wildlife out of your home, attic or porch all year long. And keeping them out isn’t a one-time event. That’s why Grizz pest control specialists deliver customized protection backed by science to rid your home of pests year-round.

Our Experts – We Can Repair What Wildlife Has Damaged

Grizz technicians will look for conditions that invite pests, tackle current infestations, and prevent future invaders… we can even repair what critters have damaged.

Wildlife Control

Animals around your home or business such as squirrels, birds and raccoons can sometimes become nuisance, causing damage to your property, unintentionally spreading diseases, causing odors and creating noise.  Grizz Pest can help control unwanted wildlife in and around your home or business.

Trapping wildlife will immediately solve the problem but not prevent it from happening in the future.

Excluding wildlife from an area of your home or property that is being damaged can be the best approach to long term wildlife control. By locating all points of animal entry and implementing repair and exclusion techniques, the chances for future animal infestation and damage are greatly reduced.

Grizz Pest will:

  • Inspect your home or business to identify all points of entry and seal them to help secure your home
  • Remove wildlife according to state and local regulations using responsible techniques that have already made its wat into your home
  • Repair damage caused by these unwanted pests
  • Remove and clean any damage and nesting debris caused by the pest
  • Offer preventative solutions to aid in the prevention of future infestations