We treat pest management with a variety of services customized for each situation. Many pests also damage your property; however, we are skilled in the ability to fix any property damage as well from the pest. We also sometimes have the ability to upgrade the physical structures to ensure the pest is not able to repeat the damages.

Insect Control

We are dedicated to leading the industry in environmentally friendly and alternative insect control techniques

Rodent Removal

A thorough inspection of the exterior will provide details on how the rodents are entering the location.  Inspection of the interior will provide…


An inspection of the property will provide a detailed report of all potential breeding sites and resting sites.  This service will eliminate or…

Spider Control

Our industry standard insect pest control service is guaranteed to get rid of your insect problems

Bed Bug

The service consists of a multi-faceted approach to eliminate the bed bug threat. Communication, Cooperation and Education are the key to…


Animals around your home or business such as squirrels, birds and raccoons can sometimes become nuisance, causing damage to your property…


Based on the layout of your home and the degree of termite infestation, Grizz will create a customized treatment plan tailored for your home…

Bat & Bird

Bat removal At the sight of any bat dropping most people are quick to reach for mothballs, ultrasonic deterrent or aerosol. These do not work on…