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How Do You Know if You Have Raccoons?
How Do You Know if You Have Raccoons?

Even though raccoons look very cute, they can be highly destructive, tearing holes in your roof and soffits with their sharp claws and teeth. They also can damage attic fans to enter that space easily. Taking a walk around your home exterior, you may see evidence of their presence. Seeing holes, damaged shingles, or insulation on the ground are signs they have entered your home. As they tear into the soffits or attic, raccoons can pull insulation out in the process.

Noise in the attic is the biggest tell-tale sign of raccoons. It will sound like someone is walking in your attic, but you may also hear scratching sounds. You usually will not know how many raccoons you have until an inspection. However, you can take a peek in your attic, but it might be difficult to determine what is exactly up there. Or, you may be surprised by seeing the raccoons themselves or piles of or missing insulation. Another tell-tale sign of their presence is their droppings. Raccoon droppings are large, like small dog feces.

To remove these animals, our Grizz Pest Management Then, we set traps according to the evidence we find. Once the animals are removed, we repair the entry points. Grizz Pest Management has more than 15 years of home repair experience, so we not only remove the animals but repair the damage they do to your property.


Racoon Damage to roof

Prevention Tips 

  1. Do not feed raccoons. They are still wild animals and are considered the primary carriers of rabies.
  2. Keep tree branches at least three feet away from the roofline.
  3. Raccoons are not picky when it comes to food sources. Securing garbage cans will help prevent them from prying them open.



We aren’t afraid to get down and dirty for you! A Grizz Pest Technician crawls under a porch to work on Wildlife Exclusion.

Interesting Facts About Raccoons

Raccoons can manipulate items with their hands like primates. Having this advantage makes it especially difficult to keep them off structures. They are also avid climbers and can grip and pull, which is why they can ‘break into’ your attic so easily.

They have a three-year learning curve, which means once raccoons learn something, like getting out of a trap, they remember how to do it again.
Raccoons tend to return to the same nesting site year after year. Even their babies will return to the same site. Thus, it is imperative to trap both adults and their young.

Raccoons tend to return to the same nesting site year after year. Even their babies will return to the same site. This makes it imperative to trap both the adults and young. 

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