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Millipedes Facts and Information

Millipedes are bugs that belong to the same group as spiders and lobsters. They have a lot of legs that are jointed and two pairs of legs on many parts of their body. But they have two parts that stick together to make each part with two legs. 

Most millipedes like to eat rotting leaves and other dead plants. They are not dangerous to people, but sometimes they can be a problem in houses and gardens. If you have a greenhouse, be careful because millipedes can hurt young plants that are just starting to grow. 

Millipedes are like tiny earthworms with lots of legs. They can have anywhere from 40 to 750 pairs of legs! They are usually black or brown and are about the size of a paperclip. Most are about 1/10 of an inch to one inch long, but some can be as long as 5 inches. 

FAQs About Millipedes

Are millipedes dangerous?

Millipedes are not dangerous to people or things in your house. They don’t bite or sting and won’t eat your food or furniture. However, some types of millipedes make a yucky fluid that can make your skin itchy if you touch them. 

Since millipedes come out at night, it can be scary to see them when you move things around. They also move in big groups so that they can be scary to people and pets. But millipedes help the environment by eating dead plants and leaves. So, even though they can be scary, they are good for the world around us. 

What are the signs of a millipede infestation?

If you see a millipede, there are a lot more of them around. Millipedes like to eat things like old leaves and pieces of wood, so they might come to your house or garden looking for food. 

How do I rid of millipedes from my home?

Millipedes like to be in wet places, so you can use some of the same ideas to get rid of them as you do to get rid of centipedes. Close up any cracks in the walls or floor where they might come in, and fix any leaks, so there is not too much water around. You can also use a fan or a machine that takes water out of the air to make your house less humid. 

Outside your house, it is important to clean up any dead leaves and keep things like mulch or firewood far away from your home. This will not only give them fewer places to hide but also mean they have less food because they like to eat dead plants.