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Fleas Facts and Information

Fleas may be tiny, but don’t let their size fool you – these blood-sucking parasites can easily hop from host to host in search of a meal. With over two thousand species worldwide and three hundred plus residing solely in the United States alone, it’s critical for pet owners to understand how important flea control is!

FAQs About Fleas

What do fleas look like?

Fleas are miniscule, yet mighty! These little critters measure only 2.5 mm long and boast a shiny red-brown hue on their microscopic hair covered bodies – perfect for slipping through animal fur with ease. Forget about flying; fleas can jump incredible distances without needing wings! 

How can I keep fleas out?

Employing exclusion practices is important for many pest problems, but exclusion does not have a major, direct benefit for flea control. However, sealing cracks, gaps and holes to help keep rodents or other potential hosts from gaining access into the home is an important indirect way to keep fleas outside. 

The most effective ways to keep fleas from getting inside the home is to eliminate outdoor flea habitats and outdoor hosts, plus using area-wide flea control chemical products and veterinarian-approved flea control products on pets.