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            Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – IPM uses a variety of non-chemical methods as well as pesticides, when needed, to reduce pest infestations to acceptable levels and to minimize children’s exposure to pesticides.

 IPM uses a common sense approach that:

  • identifies pests
  • uses monitoring and record keeping to regularly assess pest populations and control efforts
  • determines the pest population levels that can be tolerated based on aesthetic, economic and health concerns, that is, sets “action thresholds” at which pest populations or environmental conditions warrant action
  • prevents pest problems by improving sanitation, managing waste, using exclusion – such as physical barriers, and modifying structures to make them less attractive to pests
  • relies to the greatest extent possible on preventive as well as remedial nontoxic, biological, cultural and mechanical pest management methods
  • uses pesticides when necessary, with preference for effective products that are the least harmful to human health and the environment
  • records and reports pest populations and actions taken, to refine pest management procedures over time

Communication is the biggest key to IPM.  Grizz Pest Management will provide a proactive approach to your pest management needs in order to prevent pest issues instead of reacting to them.  We will provide safe and effective techniques to serve all your pest needs.